Export Promotion

Our services to exporters include the Export Promotion Programme, which aims to grow demand for the Free State products.



With the South African economy becoming increasingly integrated into the global economy there is a growing need for local business to diversify and become exporters of goods and services. FDC aims to increase the value of exports from the province by assisting exporters to gain access to foreign markets.

Together with enterprises such as the Small Business Development Enterprise Agency (SEDA), FDC will continue to assist producers and manufacturers to develop their export capabilities. In their quest to support regional co-operation in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), FDC will compile country briefs in order to promote intra-regional trade.

We will also assist exporters to take advantage of access to wider markets. The following services are provided to existing or emerging exporters:
  • Compilation of a database of exporters and potential exporters in the Free State Province
  • Providing platforms for product promotion at local, international trade exhibitions
  • Business to Business meetings
  • Capacity building workshops
  • Linking foreign buyers to local exporters
  • Disseminating trade leads and enquiries
  • Networking opportunities
  • Advice on export incentives
  • Facilitating applications on export promotion incentives (EMIA)
  • Facilitation of targeted Outward Selling Missions
  • Assisting exporters with primary market research
  • Invitations to meet with inward trade missions
  • Technical advice on exporting procedures