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The Free State province commonly known as the food basket of South Africa, is still a leading agricultural commodities producer. 2011 and 2012 cropping season statistics shows that:-

  • Cherries, 90% of South Africa's total,
  • Sorghum, 53% of South Africa's total,
  • Sunflower, 51% of South Africa's total,
  • Maize, 40% of South Africa's total,
  • Groundnuts , 38% of South Africa's total,
  • Potatoes, 30% of South Africa's total,
  • Wheat, 29% of South Africa's total

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Transport & Logistics

This Logistics Hub project, which is part of the Presidential Strategic Infrastructure Projects (SIP), involves a web of activities designed to ensure the efficient movement of raw material, intermediate inputs and finished goods between suppliers, manufacturers and consumers. This project is intended to improve customs clearance, where varying level of inefficient procedures delay shipments and increase import and export costs.

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturing

The Free State is keen to develop its pharmaceutical research and development capabilities. Some of the required feedstock for the API facility is currently produced by Sasol, a petrochemical giant based in Sasolburg in Northern Free State. The University of the Free State based in Bloemfontein has also developed an excellent research capability in medical research and biotechnology. The university is currently producing patents in various medical areas.

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Business Process Services

Companies worldwide are responding to increasing cost and efficiency pressures, as such South Africa has become over the past years, one of the favourite international location for business process outsourcing and offshoring. Business process outsourcing (BPO) and offshoring has become the major global trend and industry, worth an estimated US$130-billion a year, has an expected annual growth rate of about 50% for the next five years.

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Renewable Energy

The FDC is in the process of recruiting an investor to set up a solar park in the Xhariep District in the Free State. Investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency are important to reduce the negative economic, social and environmental impacts of energy production and consumption in South Africa. Currently, renewable energy contributes relatively little to primary energy and even less to the consumption of commercial energy.

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